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Rabbit Speed Dating Leads to Bunny Romance

Experts say while spending time with their owners is great, rabbits crave companionship from their own kind. The speed dating sessions allow bunnies owned by a pet parent to test the waters with adoptable bunnies — usually two or three at a time. And their reactions during these short, second meet-and-greets run the gamut. During these introductions, volunteers keep a close eye on bunny body language to determine which hare pairs are best suited for each other. She paid special attention to Robin — “she scuffled with a couple of the others and ignored the remaining two” — and Ms Reeves took him home that night.

Speed dating: The initial meet and greet is done in a neutral area which gives us a pretty good idea if they are compatible because both rabbits will be a little.

Got yourself in the right frame of mind? Let’s do this! Time for some dates! We recommend that you introduce your bunny to at least 2, 3 or 4 different buns and watch the bunny for various signs that they will or will not bond — we call this Bunny Speed Dating! This is best done at a shelter or rescue, in a nice large area at least 10×10 feet , with a broom handy and an extra pair of hands and eyes.

Before you begin, please read this entire series of blog posts the whole way through just follow the links at the beginning and end , and brush up on your rabbit communication skills …it is better to be well prepared and know how to evaluate the situation. You can save yourself and your rabbit a lot of time and maybe even an injury! All this is included in the series, just keep reading! Flopping or stretching out during a bonding session is a true touchdown toward winning the bonding game — it means bun is relaxed enough to not fear being attacked by the other bun.

Let’s get your house prepared for the lucky new bond mate, so that once you find “The One”, you’ll be ready!

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Nestle is a friendly and fun dwarf-mix. Nestle is looking forward to a Forever Home as a solo guy, or perhaps as a friend for a spayed girl bunny. To meet Nestle please email vrra vrra.

Organizations such as Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, the New York City chapter of the House Rabbit Society, provide these bunny speed-dating.

The matchmaker in the fur-flecked T-shirt got down to business. What about a white rabbit with pink eyes named Tonya? The pair exchanged a quick glance. The matchmaker, Amy Odum, disappeared down a hallway, returned with Tonya and set her on the artificial turf to explore the room. Moo hopped tentatively toward Tonya, and another Sunday session of speed dating for rabbits was underway at the city animal shelter in East Harlem.

Rabbits might seem the last species on earth that would require human-supervised dating. Rabbits are social animals — creatures of the warren, snugglers in bunny piles. But rabbits in close quarters will not automatically bond. So the Animal Care Centers of N. Odum, 58, a longtime volunteer. Chui, 23, a graduate student, and her boyfriend, Arthur Chow, 23, a medical research technician, adopted Moo from the shelter in December.

They sensed he was lonely. Last Sunday, they brought him in, hoping he would find, Mr.

Bunny Bonding: How to Find a Friend for Your Rabbit

Suggestions for a difficult bonding process:. When you put two bunnies in a stressful situation, they will lean on each other for comfort. Below are some stress bonding techniques. After a stress bonding, you can also try to put them back into the place where you normally do your dates to see how they do. Try a different bonding area. If you are using the bathtub, try the kitchen.

Bring your single boy or girl to find bunny love at our special speed-dating event! Please apply in advance so we know which rabbits to bring to the dating site.

What about a white rabbit with pink eyes named Tonya? The pair exchanged a quick glance. The matchmaker, Amy , disappeared down a rabbit speed dating, returned with Tonya speed set speed speed the artificial turf to white the room. Moo hopped tentatively toward Tonya, and another Sunday session of speed dating for rabbits was underway at the city animal shelter in Bunny Harlem. Rabbits might seem the last species on earth that would require human-supervised dating.

Rabbits are social animals — creatures of the warren, snugglers in bunny piles. Hrs maintains a cat or in for bunny speed-dating. Consider letting years bunny piles. Skip to this video now. Play Video. Rabbit Hero to the Rescue. Now Playing: Rabbit Hero to the Rescue.

Rabbit – The Brand New Dating App From Ann Summers (Who Else!)

When our Dutch-mix bunny, Bridget, died in from several medical conditions, my husband, Steve, took her death hard. Steve agreed that the brothers could stay with us until For Bunny Sake, the rabbit rescue that we volunteer with in southern New Jersey, could find them a permanent home. Like many people, we fell into the foster parent role by chance.

-4 p.m. for the Seattle Animal Shelter “Speed Dating” event, We’ll feature adoptable cats, kittens and critters, such as rabbits, reptiles.

Here is the first strip, which highlights the story of Cindy, found alone in an apartment after her owner died. When she arrived at our Manhattan Care Center she was scared and trembling. She was also very overweight and had a slight lameness in her back leg. Our Foster team went right to work to secure a home where Cindy could transition slowly and gently from her previous life with one owner and prepare herself for a new home environment.

The team called on Brenda. Brenda had fostered over cats and was excited to welcome a dog into her house this time. Cindy was the perfect choice! After spending a month together, losing weight, getting used to meeting new people, it was time for Cindy to make her big debut at our Mobile Adoption Event. Many thanks to Brenda for giving Cindy the time she needed in her home. Wysteria came to our Manhattan Care Center as a stray in mid-November. She was friendly and cooperative with everyone from our Medical staff to our behavior and adoptions team.

However, Wysteria tended to stay in the back of her cat-condo, and wasn’t getting noticed by potential adopters. Our Feline Enrichment team began working with this happy but shy kitty to teach her to high-five people who approached her condo. Wouldn’t you know it, a few days later she caught the eye of Pholomi, a local artist and chef.

Speed Dating for Rabbits

Hop Shop sales, including hay and pellets, can now only be made online at rabbit. Pickup: For those in the SF Bay Area, upon checkout, set a pickup time for the same-day or a future day. Pickups are currently Tuesday-Sunday from 11ampm. Your order will be waiting outside on our porch. Shipping: We offer nationwide shipping! Adoptions will be only by appointment.

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Submit your own Neatorama post and vote for others’ posts to earn NeatoPoints that you can redeem for T-shirts, hoodies and more over at the NeatoShop! Wild rabbits live in communities. Domesticated rabbits are no different—they want to live with other creatures, preferably other rabbits. But not all rabbit pairs are good matches.

Rabbit owners can bring their bunnies in to meet that special somebunny to complete their family. Odum watches the rabbits together to gauge their behavior. Tonya sat in a litter box chewing a stalk of hay. Moo stretched, twitching a little, and sniffed her face. Tonya was motionless. Moo jumped back. After a while, Tonya hopped over to Moo and gave him a little kiss. He jumped over her like the cow over the moon. Then Moo approached Tonya and lowered his head. Odum said.

Speed Dating 2.0 @ White Rabbit, Ages 35-49 years | CitySwoon

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers a unique bunny dating program to find the perfect match for your furry friend. Members of our staff are trained to help you and your rabbit find the perfect new best friend! Rabbits are extremely social animals and will naturally bond with other animals as they do with humans.

If a rabbit spends too much time alone, he can become depressed and potentially anorexic.

Rabbit Speed Dating Leads to Bunny Romance. Gayle King turned down a ‘​huge opportunity’ from Oprah when her children were young.

Sometimes people wonder if their pet rabbit is lonely or if they would be happier with a bunny friend. Rabbits can live happily in pairs, but you cannot just put any two together. Bonding requires your time every day and can often take months to achieve. Both your rabbit and their potential new friend must be spayed or neutered. Waiting a couple of months after surgery allows their hormones to dissipate before introducing them.

Hormones are very powerful in rabbits and can ruin the bonding process. The bunnies will live in side by side cages with three inches of space between the cage bars. They should never be able to touch noses through the cages before they are safely bonded. The breed, size, and age of the rabbit do not matter. But hormones do, and puberty changes everything for rabbits.

Even juveniles from the same litter may fight and not be compatible after they are spayed and neutered. It is best to do bonding sessions in a neutral room with no furniture to hide and fight under.

Rabbit Speed Dating

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