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Historically, the development of astronomy and astrology have been closely related throughout the world. In China however, the two have always retained links far stronger than in Europe where they have largely been regarded as completely separate disciplines since the eighteenth century. This assumes that there is a link between events on earth and in the sky and as such is a discipline which is taken very seriously by some, and derided by others. According to Chinese astrological thought, a person’s destiny can be determined a number of complex factors including the position of the major planets, sun, moon and comets in the sky at the exact hour of a person’s birth and the year in which they were born. In China each year is associated with one of twelve animals and one of the five elements, making a sixty-year cycle. An accurate astrological prediction is a complex process, although it is by no means scientific, and is regarded very seriously by some people. A Chinese almanac dating from c. Many Chinese households will regularly consult an almanac or calendar based on the lunar year that provides a set of guidelines to promote or advise against certain tasks or events being undertaken on certain days. Claims for the origins of this book go back over years to BC, from which date it is said to have been in constant publication. Originally produced solely by the imperial palace whose supposed link to the Heavens offered the ultimate authority on all matters celestial, the almanac is now freely published, but a certain ritual still surrounds its use.

Which Chinese New Year zodiac are you? Discover your animal based on the year you were born

Each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs is more naturally compatible with certain signs than they are with others. There is the potential of compatibility with almost all signs in the Chinese zodiac, though each of the zodiac animals also has an exact opposite. Achieving a harmonious relationship with a sign that falls in the rating range of 5 to 4 is promising, though it varies from sign to sign.

Signs that rate as 5 are the most natural of matches. The work required to establish and maintain a good relationship with a sign with which the rating is in the 3 to 2 range will be challenging, but not entirely impossible. Both individuals must put a lot of work into the relationship to make it thrive.

Chinese zodiac introduction to 12 animal signs, zodiac compatibility, 21 January and February 20 in Gregorian date, you may belong to the zodiac sign.

As people all over celebrate Spring Festival today, 25 January, it officially becomes the Year of the Rat under the Chinese calendar. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a year cycle calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, with each year in a cycle related to an animal sign. Much like astrological star signs, the Chinese Zodiac animal has attributes and significance attached. Traits: People born under the Year of the Rat are thought to be quick-witted and resourceful.

In Chinese culture, rats represent hard-workers and thriftiness. Traits: Those born in the Year of the Ox are said to be strong and determined, with typically conservative characteristics. Traits: Those born on a Year of the Rabbit are thought to be elegant, quiet and patient. Traits: Dragons are typically ambitious and intelligent, and those born under a Dragon year are thought to make great leaders. However, they can be a hot-headed and arrogant.

You can be quite withdrawn, but are said to be wise and deliberate. Traits: People born under a Horse year are active, energetic and love to be in groups. A Horse can lack self-confidence though, so love to follow the crowd. Traits: Fast-learners, witty and magnetic, Monkeys also have the tendency to be mischievous and haughty. Traits: Observant, hard-working and talented, the rooster has a lot of self-confidence but can also become vain and boastful.

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Subscriber Account active since. The Year of the Pig officially starts on February 5. And according to the Chinese astrological system, this year will bring changes and opportunities to every sign of the zodiac. Here’s what you need to know. These astrology posts are just for fun. There’s no scientific guarantee that any predictions of the Chinese zodiac will or will not come true.

But the rats in this artwork seem more cute and timid than conniving. This woodblock print is by the Japanese artist Shibata Zeshin, dating from the mid to late 19th.

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The Race of the Twelve: What Your Chinese Zodiac Animal Means for You

In the Chinese astrology are 12 Chinese zodiac animals rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig used to represent years and five elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. According to the chinese horoscope, the animal ruling a person birth year has a great influence on personality, and destiny.

China and other many Chinese communities around the world use the Chinese calendar , a lunisolar calendar for determine important festival dates, such as Chinese New Year. Chart below gives the animal for birth year. Born OX. Then you can read Learn more about your chinese animal sign.

Chinese zodiac dating personality. ​dynamic_resize/sws_path/. 1/ Adjust Comment Print.

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Best with:. Dragon, Rabbit; or Ox Worst with:. Goat, Horse, or Rooster. Rat, Snake or Rooster Worst with:.

Nov 29, – What is my Chinese astrology sign? Use the Chinese lunar calendar to calculate your Chinese zodiac animal sign according to your date of birth.

China has a rich history and mythology that shapes its culture and makes it a great place to visit. Scroll down to learn more about zodiac signs, their history, and uses. Many theories surround the history of Chinese horoscope, it would be impossible to pinpoint the exact era when it all started. The origins of the Chinese zodiac are also associated with the Silk Road.

Basically, it is believed animals of the horoscope were brought to China by Buddhists via the famous trade route. Not all scholars agree, though. Some of them argue that astrology beliefs of ancient China precede the arrivals of Buddhists from India. One theory is that Chinese horoscope has a lot to do with nomadic tribes in ancient China who created a calendar named after animals they hunted at the time.

The legend says that Buddha or the Jade Emperor invited all animals to be a part of the calendar, but only first 12 to arrive would be selected. Other versions of the tale suggest the Emperor needed 12 guards of the palace, organized a race, or had a banquet. Regardless of the version, all the animals headed to the palace including rat and cat, good friends.

The cat asked a rat to help him sign up once they arrived, but rat forgot.

Chinese zodiac dating

The first animal in the cycle is the rat, followed by ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Were you born in the years of dragon? If you born in , , , , , , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chinese zodiac dragon. The announcement was made by Casey Bloys, the General predictions for the Year of the Rat For the world at large, the Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac and usually represents new beginnings.

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals include the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. is the year of pig, dating from.

The characters give this show so much energy and they’re all different from one another, making it fun to look at what the Chinese zodiac sign of each main player would be. While they all live in New York City and have active dating lives, their motivations and daily lives are unique. Charlotte York has gone on many dates in her time and this popular character, played by Kristin Davis, is sweet, old-fashioned, and of course, fashionable. Charlotte seems like she would have been born in the Year of the Rat, as Rats are intelligent and they can think on their feet and solve issues.

They’re not very brave, though, which describes Charlotte as she spends a lot of time wishing she could get married and have kids, but she seems nervous to make the right moves. Miranda Hobbes Cynthia Nixon struggles a lot with whether she wants to settle down and how she can hold onto her strong personality and career if she does. She sounds like someone born in the Year of the Ox as she’s ambitious and honesty is important to her.

The Ox will think that their career and family are both really crucial, which is how Miranda feels when she does become a mother and wants to balance it all.

What Does Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Say About You in 2017

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